There is no question the current Covid-19 epidemic has started in China. The only debate is whether the virus has escaped from its Wuhan based research lab or its wet markets. Either way, accidents will always happen, and that is not China’s crime per se. The crime is the cover up of the accidents until it was too late. The Covid-19 epidemic has caused and is still causing loss of human lives and huge economic costs to every country in the world. At the time of writing this blog 4,619,761 people died of Covid-19 (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries), which is more than the number of people that have died in Auschwitz(https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/how-many-people-died-at-auschwitz) and of course the virus is still spreading. The economic cost of this outbreak is estimated to be 10 trillion dollars in forgone GDP in 2020/21 alone(https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2021/01/09/what-is-the-economic-cost-of-covid-19).

In this blog I am offering at least two explanations as to why the world is not calling China out and demanding repatriation.

2. Plausible explanation 1; the Western world has sold its soul to consumerism

In Western Societies we have too much of everything from food through to clothing and to electronics. We are wasteful of consumable products, but we characterise our behaviour as ‘progress’.  In my childhood we had only one suit and a ‘Sunday best’ outfit, we never thought of throwing away stale bread, my brother and I slept in the same room, and we had one television for the whole family. Today, we throw out perfectly good clothes as they are deemed to be last year’s fashion, we update our electronic devices regularly and we live with an abundance of consumer durables. But the production of the labour-intensive consumer durables is in China (and of course the rest of Asia). They are produced cheaply, as China’s labour rates are lower and their work and safety requirements often non-existent.

The Western world has lost a great deal of its manufacturing capacity to China and their remaining manufacturing often relies on Chinese suppliers. These economic changes could have potentially led to unemployment in Western societies, but they did not. Partly because new professions have emerged, but more importantly, because Western societies have doubled down on their non-productive bureaucratic requirements both at the governmental and at the corporate levels. Any professionals I can think of, from the police force to doctors and teachers, spend more and more of their time on ‘paper pushing’ rather than on their professional activities. It is the same story in any manufacturing or institutional settings, where bureaucracy rules the day.

The World should receive repatriation from the Chinese government for its Covid crime. But calling out China could lead to a trade war and the loss of cheap consumer products. It seems that Western countries are just not prepared to do this. Rather all Western economics indebted themselves to no end without Chinese repatriation to avoid a deep recession. The next generation will have to pay back this mountain of ‘Covid debt” as the current generation has  sold its soul to consumerism.

3. Plausible explanation 2; the West is too weak to stand up to China

There is very little doubt that the Geo-political momentum is with China.

It all started with the Trump presidency. President Trump has been a colourful, non-compliant President, but his foreign policies from Israel all the way to North Korea were correct, no doubt about that. He was a strong President, unlike President Obama, who was extremely eloquent but weak. Sadly, president Trump’s presidency and all his policies were undermined by the so-called progressive media cheered on by the Democrats, who just could not accept it, that they had lost the election. China and Russia must have watched with a glee how to US is tearing itself apart.

Joe Biden, the current US president, is a nice old man, but as I previously documented, he is cognitively challenged. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was a policy of the Trump presidency, one that Joe Biden just recently executed. The execution of this policy further weakened the US global standing. By any measure it was a failure. The Taliban forces took over the country at an imaginable pace from the Afghan army due to the lack of air support from the US army; the US was forced to accept a withdrawal deadline set by the Taliban without any negotiation; the US could not fly home all the American citizen within the set time line; the US could not repatriate all the Afghans who in the past had supported the US Army. The whole episode underlines the weakness of the US and emboldens China on the global political scene.

Let’s call it as is, the West is too weak without the USA to stand up to China. And the US is becoming weaker and weaker. No wonder nobody demands repatriation from the Chinese.

4.Key takeaways

China committed a crime against humanity by not warning the world early about the Covid-19 Virus.

The human and economic cost of the Covid-19 epidemic is already huge and increases daily.

The Western world is focused on consuming cheap Chinese products to start a trade war with them.

The Western world’s political clout is reducing and it is likely let China get away with its global crime.

The next generation certainly will pay for the economic cost of this epidemic, at least let’s hope that it will not pay for it politically as well.

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