Cultural norms and social values are changing all the time due to emerging new scientific and technological developments.

Think about it for a moment. The introduction of the Boeing 747 (the Jumbo jet) in the 1970s, has completely changed global travel trends and with it, the understanding of different countries’ culture and history. Just as the Internet has enabled news to travel globally and instantaneously and has made the world a much smaller and less isolated place. Internet ‘influencers’ have been able to create new trends and values for parts of society.

Many of these new values and norms benefit humanity. But not all new trends are beneficial. Some of them are straight out divisive and aim to destroy the very economic system and cultural values which Western democracies are based on. And at times, these cannibalistic trends are promoted by white western progressives or what I call the white woke westerners (WWW).

This blog is providing some examples of this behaviour.

2. WWW social engineer children

WWW are aiming to hasten social change in their preferred direction by influencing young children’s mind. This approach is reminiscent of the social regimes’ education system in the 1950s ’and 1960’s, when all school children were exposed to the socialist ideology and had to wear a red scarf to school. Elements of this can still be seen in North Korea and China today.

WWW are pushing for the introduction of critical race theory in primary and middle schools, and in some extreme cases children even had to apologise for being white, ‘privileged’ boys(https://unitedwestandnews.com/school-forces-students-to-apologize-for-being-white/). Critical race theory is the ultimate danger to young minds as it promotes the utopia of equity rather than equal opportunity. Equity can only be achieved by removing property rights (i.e. individual ownership) of productive assets, which is the bedrock of Marxism and communism.

But this madness of influencing young minds is also being promoted by some corporate WWW CEOs. For example, Mattel deleted some 400 words from Scrabble as being unacceptable as did not suit their social agenda (https://www.rt.com/op-ed/520909-scrabble-woke-culture-war/). They have also introduced a gender-neutral (????) Barbie doll. The sex of a person is given, but not the gender choice. Toys cannot think!

The poisoning of children’s’ minds is the most dangerous activity of the WWW, and each and every one of us has to stand up against it.

3.WWW do not like free speech

Free speech is the bedrock of a free society.

 Social media is meant to be a platform to express opinions and views freely, but social media judges what is freely available and censors and bans people from their platforms, like Twitter and Facebook banned President Trump for two years and YouTube deleted many conservative commentators(https://theredelephants.com/multiple-conservative-youtube-channels-banned-or-demonetized-after-vox-hist-complains-for-5-days-straight/).  There are many more lies and equally unacceptable comments being allowed to be published on Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms justify their censorship by arguing that promoting lies and violence is not acceptable to them and ‘hide’ behind an ‘independent committee ‘for their censorship. But their committees themselves have their own biases. For example, Facebook oversight board is loaded by WWWs(https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/06/facebook-names-first-members-of-oversight-board-for-content-moderation.html). Furthermore, social media platforms ‘accidentally’(!) restrict their search engine when it is politically inconvenient for them(https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9624839/Facebook-shows-true-ugly-colours-Wuhan-censorship.htm).

Of course, social media platforms become champions of free speech when their own activities are curbed by other Governments like the Indian Government or Nigerian Government (https://www.dw.com/en/india-social-media-conflict/a-57702394). What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

For my money, social media platforms should be censorship free and their algorithm should only restrict the telecasting of live violence.

4.WWW do not like fair competition

Let us state the obvious, the human race is binary by birth, you are either a man or a woman depending on your chromosomes.

How one feels about his/her sexuality or lack of it is something different, which may lead to, amongst other things, to gender reassignment. But that does not mean that one’s body does not have the physical characteristics of one’s original sex. Whilst sex change operations may change one’s genitals, the other physical aspects of the body, including strength, remain. Hence, people with a male body should not be able to compete against females with female bodies in a fair sports competition. I guess I am stating the obvious here, but wait a minute…..

Ever increasingly transgender athletes argue that they should be able to compete in female sports, but I am not aware of any transgender person transmitted to became a man, who wants to compete in male sports. I guess we all know why?

But sadly, WWWs support and allow transgender people to participate in female sports, like rugby games or athletics(https://www.rt.com/sport/524114-trans-rugby-france-competition/,https://www.rt.com/sport/524114-trans-rugby-france-competition/).  Adopting the attitudes of these WWWs, I wonder if they would support me to be selected by a US basketball team, after all I am white and 165 cm (about 5’5) tall. Should I demand equal treatment?

This madness of transgender people participating in female sports is not only unfair to female athletes but it can be outright dangerous in some sports like rugby.

Common sense and fair judgments are wonderful things, but WWW’s, including some judges, are just blinded by their own desire to social engineering.

5.Key takeaways

Some ‘progressive’ ideas are regressive even if they are pushed by woke, white westerners (WWW).

The teaching of the foundation of Marxist philosophy to children under the disguise of Critical Race Theory is actually poisoning young minds.

Free speech should not be stopped by some WWW social media owners as free speech is the bed rock of democracy.

No matter how WWWs want to package it, there is nothing fair about transgender people participating in women’s sport.

Society should stand up to WWWs, if we want to reserve our freedom and democracy.

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