As a child I loved all the fables my mother and grandmother told to my brother and I at bed time. One of my very favourite one was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. The fable tells to story of an Emperor, who is convinced by two swindlers, that they can make very expensive clothes for him which only silly people cannot see. As the clothes was ‘weaved’ and checked upon by the emperor and other noble men, they all admired to clothes, although the looms were empty. After all, nobody wanted to appear to be stupid. When the impostors ‘finished’ the new garment and ‘dressed’ the emperor, he decided to parade the it through his castle with all the noble people invited. Right through the parade, although he had no cloths on, everybody was commenting how beautiful it was.  Except half way through the parade, there was a little boy, who called out ‘the emperor has no clothes on’. He was not afraid to tell the truth.

The moral of this fable is still relevant in the 21st century; tell the truth, even if your progressives, woke friends will not like you for it. In this blog I gave three examples of the relevance of this old fable to our society.

2. Joe Biden is a nice a nice man, but cognitively challenged

I do not want to get into the debate of ‘was the election stolen’ from President Trump (for my money it was not, despite the fact that there were some questionable voting practices). I think that Joe Biden is a descent, nice old man. And herein lies the problem, he is old and mentally challenged man. There was already some evidence of that during the presidential campaign, when he was basically hiding from the press and during the occasional public appearances his stutter covered up his confused thought process. However, ever increasingly more and more actual footage are emerging where he seems  to be confused and/or gives incoherent answers to simple questions and/or reads the answers from prepared from notes(,  Furthermore, calls for him to undertake a cognitive test are ignored by the White House ( The footage, which would show embarrassing moments of Joe Biden intellect, typically do not appear in the liberal media outlets and often heavily edited, perhaps because the liberal media does not call want to call it out that ‘the emperor has no cloths on’.

 Let us call it out; Joe Biden intellect is diminishing and he is cognitively challenged.

3. George Floyd was a criminal not a hero

George Floyd did not have to die as he did and his death is a tragedy. Just as the death of many young people death that are due to gang related violence or just as the death of many decent police men and women who are shot by criminals. There are to many deaths in the US (and the world) due to violence. But all these victims of violence are not ‘canonized’ like George Floyd has been. The Black Live Matters (BLM) movement uses his very public death for political reasons to advance their left-wing political agenda whilst ignoring the fact that over 80% of violent African-American death caused by African- Americans. Statues of George Floyd has been commissioned and displayed in different public locations( and the young woman, who filmed his murder on her phone, received special mention at the Pultizers(

The criminal record of George Floyd has been completely white washed and forgotten, including why the policy was called just before his arrest. There are many past and current African-American heroes, who contributed to society in many fields including politics, arts, music, science and business. They should be held up as role models not a criminal, regardless how tragic his death has been.

‘Emperor’ George Floyd’ has no cloths on- he was a criminal not a hero.

4. So called ‘real’ women or ‘full size’ models are just fat women

I think it is wrong that many young women and girls starve themselves to become a top model on the cat walk. But that does not mean that we should celebrate fat men and women. I am not ever of a single dietary organisation which offers diets for healthy people to became fat. Not a single one!  There is not one gym, which aims to have exercises to make you fatter. Not even one! I have never heard of a celebrity who would have claimed that he/she went on a diet and successfully became overweight. Not even one! But there are many celebrities, who are proudly showing of their weight loss( Of course, overweight people could always argue that they are healthy and it is natural for them to be overweight. They even aim to change the language and call themselves ‘real women’. Unfortunately for them, all the medical advice is against their position that it is good to be overweight. It has been documented over and over again, that being overweight contributes from diabetes to hart conditions to many illnesses. Sadly, even overweight children are more likely to be affected by Covid-19 virus(

Let us call it out: being overweight is bad for one’s health regardless of how it is labelled.

 5.Key takeaways

Andersen’s old fable is still relevant today; call out the truth;

Joe Biden nice man, but he is cognitively challenged;

George Floyd was a criminal not a hero;

Being overweight does not make you a real person, just a fat one.

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