The brutal murder of George Floyd is totally unacceptable, no question. The subsequent initial peaceful demonstrations are understandable. But the ensuing vandalism, looting, destruction, murders of police and civilians (including African-Americans) and the cultural cleansing are totally unacceptable(

In fact, all these actions beg the question, what is this BLM movement all about? Is it about black lives per se, is it about policy brutality or is it about police brutality related to African- Americans?

Clearly if it is about BLM generally, then the fact that  88.8 percent of African-Americans are killed by African- Americans should be included in the discourse ( If it is about police brutality, then it should be recognised that more white people than African-Americans are killed by the police( And if it is only about African-Americans killed by the police, then this is a narrow and racist view of the problem implying that white and POC lives do not matter.

My contention is that the current destructive events are not about black lives, but about the destruction of Western societies and cultures as we know them by extreme socialists. I provide the evidence for this contention below.

2. Evidence 1; the BLM movement has been hijacked by extreme left-wing socialists

There are many African- Americans and POCs who recognise that the BLM movement has been hijacked by the extreme left side of activists and politicians to destroy Western societies, and that the current events have nothing to do with black lives per se. For example, Candace Owen, the African-American political activist and writer, tweeted on the 15/6/20202; “America is not a racist country. Anyone claiming otherwise has a vested interest in keeping us divided’ (@ RealCandaceO).  Muhammad Ail’ son expressed a similar sentiment( The African-American J.L Riley wrote ‘Police racism is not a US epidemic’ in the Wall Street Journal (24/06/2020).

But even if you were to dismiss the above opinions, one just has to look at the “manifesto” of the funding members of the BLM foundation. They explicitly state that they are Marxist trained ideologues, whose explicit objective is to destroy Western, capitalist societies ( A similar sentiment was voiced by H. Newsome in his Fox interview( In Australia, the Sydney BLM protest was organised by Raul Bassi of the Socialist-alliance, which has a pretty similar agenda to the BLM Foundation(

The strategy adopted by the current socialists ‘divide and concur’ is no different to the strategy historically adopted by many leaders in the past (‘divide et impera’ attributed to Phillip II Macedonia, 359BC). The Marxist version of this idea was based on the conflict between the capitalists and the proletariat (F. Engels and K. Marx, Communist Manifesto in 1848 and K. Marx, Das Capital 1867), which led to the Russian revolution in 1917. The current socialists aim to divide society on the basis of people’s skin colour and to create a conflict between these groups to destroy Western capitalist society and culture. Sadly, the American liberal (read left wing) media has been fully supportive in their reporting of the current destructive activities. The UK’s BBC provides an interesting insight how some old footages have been added to the  reporting of current events by the US media to bias  their reporting (

3.Evidence 2; The cultural cleansing is the tool used by dictatorial regimes

Most of us have seen footages of Nazi dominated student groups burning books in 1933 as they were ‘un German’(; recalling the cultural revolution carried out by Mao’s Red Guards destroying historical monuments, relics, places of worship and books as part of their cultural cleansing (, or remembering how  just recently ISIS destroyed and bulldozed ancient sites(

This is exactly what the ‘cancel movement’ is trying to do post the current BLM demonstrations. Utilising social media to put pressure on society, they attack Western Societies’ heritage and culture by  demanding the removal of statues  regardless of their association with slavery all around the world including the UK, Australia and New Zealand( B O’Neil,  The Australian, 15/06/20202,, uk/news/article-8413253/New-Zealand-city-removes-statue-British-naval-officer-John-Hamilton.html). Furthermore, they demand the banning of certain movies, music and band names, names of lollies, even certain Lego toys, amongst many other things. 

 The worst demand by the BLM movement is to defund the police. The police are fundamental to Western liberty, where freedom is only limited by legal boundaries created by subsequent democratically elected governments and enforced by the police. This is not to say that electoral methods and police training cannot be improved upon.

The most remarkable aspect of this cancel movement is that even some corporations, high-profile individuals and youngsters support it. I wonder, do they have such a short memory and have already forgotten some of the historical lessons of the last 80 odd years or are they just plain ignorant of recent history.

4.Some Democrats explicitly or implicitly support the socialist agenda of destroying Western Societies and Culture

There is chilling evidence provided by T. Tutchie, former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counter-terrorism Division, and his co-author D. Bracken in their book about the Democratic Party moving towards socialism under the guise of ‘democratic socialism’( T. Tuchie and D. Bracken,2020,In their own words, Amazon).

Even if you believe that their analysis is biased, there is no doubt about Bernie Sanders’s socialist credentials has been clearly manifested during the current Presidential nomination process. There is also no doubt about Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez socialist views, who believes ‘capitalism is irredeemable’ and only socialism can save the world. This push towards the destruction of the US capitalist system by some of the Democrats at the federal level has been reinforced by a number of Democratic Mayors. For example, the Democrat dominated City Council of Minneapolis voted to defund the police. Democratic Mayor of Seattle approved the CHOP zone in  the City and labelled it   as a place of  ‘summer of love’ (, a zone where police was not allowed to enter. After the subsequent violence and murder in the CHOP zone she has changed her mind( There are many more examples how some Democrats chipping away at the capitalist system to turn it into a socialist system.

The most remarkable aspect of this push toward socialism by the Democrats is that, it totally ignores the recent political history. It is just over thirty years ago that the socialist/communist bloc of the USSR fell apart, and that all eastern European countries put socialism into the too ’hard basket’. And if this is not enough evidence of how the socialist utopia is just a pipedream, one only has to look at today’s Cuba or Venezuela with their socialist experiments(

 Are the Democrats just plain ignorant of all this?

5. Key takeaways

All human life matters, black, white, yellow and any other colour you care to nominate.

The BLM movement is not about black lives, but the destruction of Western liberalism based on a capitalist economic system.

The BLM movement is wedging society based on people’s skin colour.

The cultural cleansing (or cancel movement) idea has been used in the recent past by the most extreme regimes including the Nazis, the communist regime of Stalin, the socialist regime of Mao and ISIS. Now the BLM is adopting the same cultural cleansing approach.

The US Democrats have been infiltrated by destructive socialist elements over the last few decades.

The ignorance of some Democrats, business leaders and youngsters of the failures of recent socialist experiments are just astounding.

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