INTRODUCTION The objective of this blog

In this blog I mindfully question the wisdom of emerging societal, economic and political trends which have limited scientific support and/or societal benefits, but have rarely discussed costs to society.

These trends include questions of personal responsibility as opposed to government’s responsibility, the role of parents in parenting, virtue signalling by some of the upper middle class (bourgeoise narcissists or A listers),fake news versus no news/under reporting news, changing the language to hide the real facts( illegal immigration to refugees, global warming to climate change),reality check for electrical  car markets ,the economic and social costs of bicycle lanes on main roads , the lack of registration plates for electrical bicycles, why quality of high school and university educations is declining, why the Trump Presidency is so important, the importance of Brexit for Europe, how minority parties and independent politicians misallocate societal resources for their own benefit  and many other issues.

The reason why many of these trends are gaining traction in society can be explained in terms of the well- established economic theory of Information Cascade. When one person/entity makes a choice or a statement even without understanding the underlying scientific facts but repeats it often enough other people will make the same choice or statement, even if they themselves do not know the underlying facts. Eventually, if enough people in society are ‘swept up’ by this information cascade, it becomes the ‘truth’ and a new trend in society, which no body dares to question anymore. And if you dare to question a new trend, the proponents of the new trend do not offer a counter argument, but provide an emotive response labelling you as a racist, or an extreme right person, or a xenophobic or a homophobic or even a Nazi or any other degrading label they can think of. Of course, this is the very foundation of propaganda which has been successfully used right through human history from Roman times (bread and circus to the plebs) and is still being used today in some oppressive political regimes like North Korea or Venezuela for social engineering.

My blog takes many of the above listed issues and others, offers an alternative view of the emerging or recently accepted norms, and simply ask you;


                                                         THINK AGAIN TODAY!

 I plan to blog fortnightly except for my summer and winter breaks.

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