Harry and Meghan interview: Great self-promotion and a lot of nonsense


I am not an Englishmen or a royalist, but I have watched this over-hyped, over promoted interview. After all that is the minimum one has to do before commenting on it.

What I saw was a rich couple who claim to be the victims of their unfortunate circumstances (trapped by the system of the Royal family). After all you cannot influence the family you are born into (Harry and the Royal Family) but one can decide the family one marries into (Meghan and the Royal Family). And this couple had nothing else to say, but criticise the country of Harry’s birth (the UK), the institution and the family of Harry, which is the source of their fame and fortune. After all, before marrying Harry, Meghan was not exactly an A-Lister actor.

The purpose of this blog is to tease out some of their key complaints and offer them some solution to their perceived problems. It can be easily done, if they genuinely believe in their ‘hardship’, in this Covid-19 ravaged world with ever increasing economic ruins for many countries and people in the world.

2. Racism in England

From the interview what I have gathered is that, Harry discussed the skin colour of his unborn son with one unnamed senior royal. He subsequently conveyed this conversation to Meghan. Let us think about this.

First, now they state it that it was not the Queen or Price Phillip. So, if it was a senior royal, but they do not name him or her, then this innuendo is just the cheapest of the cheap shots at the royal household. Man-up Harry, if you did not just make it up or take the comments out of context, name the person. After all, you already burnt enough bridges with the Royal Family. At least let the person respond.

 Second, Harry and Meghan claim that the tabloid press is racist and that was a large part of why the left the UK. However, they make these accusations without providing a shred of evidence. No wonder that the editors of these papers categorically deny this allegation. Furthermore, do you Meghan and Harry find to tabloid press less intrusive and bigoted in the US than in the UK? I very much doubt it.

Third, if they are concerned about racism, why to live in the USA, let alone Los Angeles, with all its ongoing racial problems? They could have chosen New Zealand, Australia or Canada for that matter, where the racial issues are not as relevant and tense than in the USA. Could that just be possible that it is not about racism, but it is about Meghan’s desire to reconnect with her pals in LA? Furthermore, they could be in an environment where she could financially benefit from her recently acquired fame?

3. Withdrawal of the financial support from Harry’s father

I am not prepared to believe that Harry and Megan did not know where Prince Charles’ money was coming from to support them. It is clearly documented and public knowledge that the monies were coming from Harry’s father (Prince Charles) estate and a smaller proportion of it from the UK taxpayers.

But guess what Harry and Meghan, the ‘deal’ is that you receive these monies in return you have to ‘work’ for the by undertaking royal duties. Unusual it may seem to the Sussex’s, no royal duties (as they said ‘we want to step back’) than no income. Just any other member of society, no work no income. Only entitled rich kids think that they are entitled to be kept in luxury by their parents or society.

Harry and Meghan also have a few millions of dollars own their own from Meghan’s previous acting work and Harry’s inheritance from her Mummy. But of course, that does not enable them to have a lavish lifestyle like some of their current neighbours have.

4.Withdrawal personal security from them in Canada

Well, the cost of personal security is a question of where you live and how live.

When they lived in Frogmore House in the UK all the security was provided for them. Moving to Canada the personal security became an issue for them. According to media reports, this was one of the main reasons for moving to Montecito (close to Los Angeles) in the US. They have bought a house which reportedly has 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, sits on 5.4 acres and cost U$ 14,500.000. The 24/7 security cost for such an estate most be eyewatering(https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/exclusive-photos-of-harry-and-meghans-dollar147m-santa-barbara-estate/ss-BB17UgA1). No wonder that some of their neighbours are multi-millionaires and billionaires who can afford 24/7 security for their estate. It may be difficult for them to accept it, but they are just not in the same financial ‘class’ as some of their neighbours, no matter how many deals they sign wit Netflix and Spottily. The taxes associated with such an estate alone will be hard for them to pay, let alone the 24/7 security of such an estate.

5.Where to now Harry and Meghan

The reply from Buckingham Palace to their Oprah television interview was extremely conciliatory and generous.

So there a few things Harry and Meghan should seriously consider.

First, a private and growling apology to the Queen for both the timing and the content of that interview would be in order. Second, they should consider selling their property and downsizing to something, which they can realistically afford. It could be a smaller house in a less salubrious suburb with less bathrooms, smaller pool and perhaps not even a tennis court. Alternatively, they could live in a luxurious penthouse with all the amenities which would reduce their overhead cost and much of their security costs or move to farm in the country where the paparazzi would leave them alone.

Finally, and most importantly, they should get a job! Meghan could restart her acting carrier after her second child. After all there are so many films being produced right now by the studios and online streaming companies, that even B-lister actors get jobs, let alone Meghan with her outstanding acting talent. Harry could easily become the public face of a product, such as some healthy fast food or a chewing gum company. This would provide them with a handsome income, the financial independence and freedom from being ‘trapped by the (Royal) system. This life would not be pomp and ceremony just nice, private upper middle class living, after all that is what they are craving for.

6.Key take-aways

Harry and Meghan claim that they were ‘trapped by the system’ of being part of the English Royal Family;

They make the unsubstantiated claim that a senior royal is racist and the English tabloid press is racist;

They expressed surprise that security and financial support has been with drawn from them once they stepped away from royal duties and moved abroad;

Buckingham Palace responded to the ‘explosive Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah in a measured and re-conciliatory way;

Harry and Meghan could privately apologize for some of the content and the timing for their interview;

Harry and Meghan should set up an upper middle class house hold what they can afford after they get some jobs. This will give them total independence and live out of the public eye and the trappings of the British Royal system.

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