There is no question that some of President Trump’s tweets are difficult to take. They are often erratic, inconsistent and boasting. And of course, the left leaning ‘liberal’ media and high profile ‘progressives’ and commentators have a field day with them. May be even rightly so. But one has to look deeper than that, and ask the question ‘what has this President achieved economically and politically 1.during his Presidency?’

My contention is that President Trump’s achievements are so outstanding both in the domestic and international arenas, that he deserves a second term.

2. Key domestic achievements

 All one hundred and twenty five key achievements of President Trump are available from the   White House’s own publication( or independently  from a  publication of a former New York times journalist, Frank Parlato(

  Covid19 is an unexpected and devastating external shock to the global economy, the performance of any government can not be evaluated in terms of their 2020 economic performance. Any reasonable person can understand that. For example, the New Zealand government just been re-elected with overwhelming majority despite the dramatic collapse of their economy(

Accordingly, the most important economic achievement of the Trump administration has been the lowest level of unemployment for decades accompanied by the highest levels of wages as reported by the US Department of Labour Bureau Statistics in October ,2019 ( The key elements are the lowest unemployment figures for African Americans (5.4%) and 4.1% for Latinos. A job with higher wages is the best welfare a government can create. All other economic statistics are better or on par with the Obama administration  according to the Washington Post’s  highly selective statistics(

 The Trump years have been characterised by numerous other domestic achievements. I highlight only three which I believe are really important. The first one is the further reduction in violent crime rates(  The second one is, the provision of funding for Historical Black Colleges and Universities(  The third one is the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett(ACB) to the Supreme Court. This has been important on two fronts; (i) ACB’s nomination legitimises traditional Christian values in this politically correct and woke world we live in and (ii) it signals s that a President is appointed for four years not three and a half years and therefore, the President has every right to make decisions for four years.

3. President Trump’s international policy achievements

I will highlight only some of the key ones, which are game changers.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the Trump administration’s new Middle East strategy  has led to the defeat of  ISIS, the  tearing up of the  insufficient Iranian nuclear agreement,  the  recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,  the facilitation of a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE and  the support of  the establishment of the Arab NATO to fight terrorism( Of course, the left leaning US media hardly ever points out these achievements. These achievements led to three nominations of President Trump for the Peace Nobel Peace prize, but he did not win it. Unlike President Obama, who won the Nobel Peace prize before he was sworn is as the President of the USA.

Second, the Trump Administration has stopped the costly role of  being the world’s policeman and has required allies in NATO to make an increased financial contribution to the alliance( Furthermore, President Trump is bringing home the US military forces rather than starting new wars unlike most US Presidents of recent times.

Third, the Trump Administration has actively changed a number of trade deals/agreements to protect US intellectual property rights and jobs. The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has led to a more balanced trade agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada. The new agreement (USMCA) creates 28,000 jobs in the US automobile industry, offers better protection for the agricultural industry and of US intellectual property and Mexican workers’ rights, among other things(

The impact of the US-China trade war is more difficult to assess.  After the initial mutual tariff hikes and the subsequent ninety day tariff pause, the actual beneficiaries have been the US based German car  manufacturers and US workers in the automobile industry as they supply both the US and Chinese markets( Of course, it has also benefited US car workers. The long-term effect of this trade dispute will be only clarified post the current epidemic.

4. The Trump administration’s handling of the Chinese Covid19 epidemic

The current left leaning media frenzy over the Trump administration’s mishandling of the epidemic is politically motivated.

Let us look at some facts. First, the death of 668.84 per million in the US is lower than that of Belgium (911.66/mill), Brazil (733.64), (Spain (722.87/mill) and similar to that of the UK (655.09/mill). In fact, the USA is ranked number nine in terms of death rates in the world(

Second, the US was the first country to stop international flights from China( Furthermore, by March the Trump administration introduced a travel ban from most European countries( Also, the  Trump administration sent navy hospital ships to New York and Los Angeles for support those cities as early as March of this year( Finally, many state governors mishandled the fight against the virus, leading to the death of thousands of Americans, but this fact is rarely acknowledged (,

Third, Covid19 is not a very deadly virus. Every death is sad, but the facts are that the   probability of dying from this virus is low but increases with age. The probability of dying from the virus for infected people is  .000016% for the age group of 5-9 years; 0.00032% for the 10-19 age group; .0092% for the 20-49 age group; 0.14% for the 50-64 age group and 5.6% for people  65 or older(  The Democrats are running the most dishonest scare campaign about the virus and against the Trump campaign rallies. President Trump not only has every right to campaign, but he is right about re-opening American businesses. Many state Governors caused with their lock down untold economic damage for little gain( Nothing illustrates this point more than Sweden, where they  did not have a lock down, but the authorities trusted the population to behave in a responsible manner( The death rate in Sweden has been 584/mill.

5.If not Trump, is Biden the answer- an emphatic NO

I do not know Joe Biden. But he seems like a nice old man, whom you would befriend in a retirement village. However, he is unelectable for the Presidency of the United States of America for number of reasons.

First, no question he has cognitive difficulties. At times he says he is running for the Senate; at times he thinks this is the third time that President Trump is up for re-election, forgets the name of Mitt Romney, calls the Proud Boys as Poor Boys and during the last half an hour of the last presidential debate he was struggling to express himself. I do not need to replay all the news videos here as there are too many of them on the different media outlets.

Second, ‘where is Joe?’ ask the media including the left leaning CNN( Clearly, he does not have the physical strength to stand up to the requirements of a rigorous campaign, let alone to the demands of the Presidential office. Even before he took out quite a few days to prepare for the last debate, he was simply hiding in his basement. Furthermore, after the last debate he is by and large hiding again. Even if one develops a different scenario about his lack ok appearance, nobody would suggest that Joe Biden would run for a second term. At very best, he may be able to complete one term. No wonder, that the Democrats call on President Obama to campaign on behalf of Joe Biden, whilst Biden is in ‘hiding’.

Third, some asserts that Trump lies without providing the factual evidence of it, although unquestionable he boasts and can be most annoying. But do we have an ‘honest Joe’? I do not know.I just read about the Hunter Biden story in the media and read the UK’s BBC fact checking about the last Presidential debate( It makes me wander.

Finally, given the points above, the policy stance of the Vice President nominee, Kamila Harris, is crucial. The independent Govtrack documents the status of legislations in the US Senate. On the bases of that track record, Kamala Harris is ranked the fourth most left wing senator, just behind Senators Sanders, Gillibrand and Merkley( Clearly, voting for Joe Biden is indirectly voting for the most socialist policies proposed by US politicians.

6. Key takeaways

President Trump has the most annoying Twitter personality, but his policies are making America Great Again;

President Trump has had a lot of domestic policy successes, perhaps the most important being the lowest rate of African- American unemployment at high wages pre Covid19;

President Trump has had a lot of international policy wins including peace agreements in the Middle East between Israel and the UAE and has not started a new war;

President Trump has fought Covid19 as well as many other Western countries with the US only the 9th highest per capita death rates behind Spain and Belgium among others and on par with the UK;

 President Trump is right, Covid19 is not a very deadly virus, hence one has to balance physical, mental and financial health of society and reopen businesses;

Joe Biden is unelectable due to his mental and physical impairments and his potential deputy Vice President, Kamala Harris, is the fourth most left-wing, socialist Senator in the US given her voting record.

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